As a leading data & tech consultancy firm, ADG dedicates to help you and your organisation to grow and transform your business with better corporate, tech and data analytics capabilities. 

Tech Start-Up & Corporate Services

  • Business development;
  • Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) funding application assistance; 
  • Corporate compliance services;
  • Research & Development (R&D) services; 
  • IT & Tech contract advisory and management; and
  • *NEW* Anti-Epidemic Fund's D-Biz Funding Assistance (D-Biz Fund).
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Data Protection Risk-related Services
  • Data Protection & Risk Impact Auditing

  • Privacy Management Programme (PMP) design; 

  • Periodic risk review; 

  • Data Protection Officer (DPO) services; and

  • In-house training

Monitoring Room

Privacy Engineering

  • Software requirements design; 

  • Privacy & regulatory compliance;

  • Product development assistance; and

  • In-house training

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Data Science & Analytics Services

  • Customised reporting; 

  • Building bespoke predicting models; and

  • Business process automation

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