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Briefing: Global Data Governance Headlines (July 2019)

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

USA: The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will become effective on 1 January 2020. It applies to businesses that collect & process California residents’ personal data or conduct business in California, and the CCPA has similar provisions to the GDPR. Several states, including Nevada, are thinking of enacting similar.

UK: The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is of the view that information collected by ad-sellers deployed by Google, FB and others, during real-time bidding process (RTBP) (i.e. RTBP is where an advertiser’s bid wins an ad auction, their digital ad will instantaneously be shown on the website of the publisher) violates the GDPR. Further investigation will be taken by the ICO.

China: The Chinese-owned LGBT dating app, Grindr, will revive its IPO plan after a brief halt by US national security panel. There has been a greater scrutiny in US on foreign app developers accessing US citizens’ personal data recently, and has raised concerns for privacy advocates in the US.

Indonesia: Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Information (MCI) intends to create a regulatory authority similar to the Data Protection Authorities in Europe. The new regulatory body gives guidance to stakeholders and gives better status to ‘data protection officer’.

Australia: The National Australia Bank (NAB) accidentally uploaded 13,000 customers to 2 data service companies’ servers. The NAB issued a statement in 72 hours as required by new law. The NAB said the issue was due to human error. The leak includes contact details, dates of birth and customer names etc.

Business: Capital One, US bank, said that the bank was hacked and a data breach resulted, affecting approx. 100 million consumers in the US with 6 million consumers in Canada. It has been reported that incremental costs of approx. $100-150 million in 2019 due to customer notifications, credit monitoring, technology costs and legal support might be resulted from the breach.

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