Data Protection & Governance

ADG offers comprehensive data protection & risk impact assessment, analysis and audit services to enterprises.  In addition, we provide Data Protection Officer (DPO) services to help you deal with data access requests, personal data enquiries and to design data breach incident planning and handle data breach. 

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Risk Impact Analysis

ADG offers compliance and risk auditing services, for the following:

  • GDPR;

  • PDPO (HK);

  • ISO 27001;

  • ISO38505-1&2; and

  • OGCIO Policy and Guidelines, and other market standards.

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Policy Design

ADG offers data governance policy & procedures design and implementation services, e.g. Privacy Management Programme, Privacy Standards, Data Breach Incident Response Plan, Data Retention Policy, PICS, and Privacy Policy.

ADG also provides advisory and reviewing works for business contractual arrangement in relation to data protection.

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Transformation X

ADG's Transformation X package includes risk auditing, policy design, periodic risk review (biannual or annual), Data Protection Officer (DPO) services, In-house training, and regular market updates. 

Transformation X provides your business with an all-round data governance framework and a truly global view on data governance. 

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In-house Training

ADG understands the key to success of digitally transforming your business lies with the culture and attitude of your business.


A great data governance framework starts with understanding and educating your team on the importance of data protection and governance, and to build a better understanding of data in the business context.