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Customised reports with creative visuals to help you monitor and track business performance on the go. No matter if it is for BAU business reporting or ad-hoc analysis of various metrics, we got you covered.


Our consultants deep dive into your data and dig out interesting patterns to reveal new insights and understanding about your business to assist with your decision making.


Bespoke models built for your business to scale up decision making and uplift business value through machine learning and AI.


We assist business to automate the mundane and repetitive tasks to enable your people to focus on higher value tasks and maximise the potential and efficiency of your business.

Business Meeting

At Aurum Data Consultancy, we strive be the best in class amongst other consulting firms by placing our clients first in all our decision making. We understand our clients' business requirements and objectives, and create tailored solutions with our analytical expertise to achieve real business outcomes.

About Us

We are a team under the Aurum Data Consultancy group specialising in data sciene and advanced analytics. Our goal is to help organisations drive business decisions through actionable insights by leveraging data, machine learning and automation.

OUR People

We hire the best data scientists and analysts across the industry and academia, and connect them with clients across the globe. Our leaders in data science come from a strong background of various scientific research and consulting experiences and are super easy going!

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Unit 2602-3, 26/F BEA Tower
Millennium City 5, Kwun Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong | Tel: +852 3725 4806
Fax: +852 3950 3480

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